"Claudette is great. Makes you feel comfortable. Is helpful and wonderful humor. Please have her teach more. I learned a lot and I am not very familiar with watercolors!"

Charlotte, North Carolina

"The Texas Brush and Brag Chapter sponsored Claudette B. Garcia for a Watercolor Workshop. That Seminar has impacted all other seminars by comparison from that time forward. Claudette's style was laid back, which made everyone feel so at ease; however, her teaching skills kept everything and everyone focused and on tract. Every aspect of the workshop was positive and upbeat. Experienced painters, as well as those that had never experienced Watercolors were elated by the outcome."

"Claudette's vast experience enabled everyone to come away with finished pieces and an incredible knowledge base to work from on their own or in other classes...this is a true mark of a great teacher. She educated, gave that foundation of knowledge , enabled students to succeed, and left them wanting more. We believe that anyone who paints with Claudette Garcia will benefit from the time spent."

Thank you!
Jan McCleery — President of Brush and Brag

Hi Claudette,

"I just want to thank you once again for a most wonderful watercolor class at the HOOT Convention (Ohio). I can't tell you how much I appreciated your organization and preparedness for the class. What a pleasure it was to paint with a palette of colors and nice brushes in contrast to other classes where I received a very small snippet of dry paint on a paper plate."

"The best thing about your class was your sincere desire to TEACH us as much as you could. I learned so much from you. I wish I could take more classes from you. Thanks again so much for everything. The class was great!"

Betsy O. — Rochester, New York

"I want to Thank You for the wonderful classes in Las Vegas. I really enjoyed getting to paint with you again. My daughter Haley also really enjoyed the classes as well. She was so inspired that she went to the tradeshow and bought watercolor supplies to begin painting on her own! She had not done much painting or drawing since 1997, so this was truly a joy for me to see. Thanks Claudette for being a teacher who truly wants to teach and help her students leave their fears behind, move ahead, and paint with confidence! You are the best and the sweetest!"

N Lacy — San Angelo, Texas

Y te comento que me gustan mucho tus clases, tu tecnica......Y mientras Dios permita asistire a la convencion de las vegas. Y nos vemos en las Vegas 2009.

Eloisa B. —  Mexico City, Mexico

"Claudette's Watercolor classes are packed with innovative fun, and best of all easy to follow techniques that produce amazing results! Her classes were the highlights of my most recent trip to a painting convention. After, which she sent a note thanking me for taking her workshops!...a Classy Lady"

Pat Doolittle — Aptos, California

Dear Claudette,

"I want to let you know how much I love your Art Class and your style of Teaching. I really appreciate how you utilize every minute of the class time & keep us focused. You have shown me more techniques in two classes than I learned in whole semester! I need someone to show me how to do something and then I might be able to use that information to branch out on my own.......Thank You!!!"


"I Love her style of painting. I've enjoyed painting with her over the years. Claudette is a good instructor, stays on track and makes it lots of fun!!!!"

Muriel Bell — Hot Springs, Arkansas

"A wonderful teacher and nice person, makes painting fun!"

Dorothy Snell — Brentwood, California

El seminario muy Bueno!! Excellante!

Maria — Argentina

"This was a delightful class. Everything was great!"

Jan — Barbados

Dear Claudette,

"What a wonderful way to spend a day! I had no idea that painting with watercolors would be so interesting. I loved learning the different techniques and the letting it paint itself was really fascinating. You are a wonderful teacher!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!"


Dear Claudette,

"I just want you to know, myself and two friends came to Las Vegas Creative Painting convention to take your classes. I first took my first Watercolor class with you at New England Traditions in Providence, RI. and wanted to experience the great teaching, techniques, and fun that you offer in your classes!"

F. Buchanan — Canada

P.S. "My friends enjoyed your style of teaching Too!!"

"Coming from Alaska it's an expensive investment to travel Outside for workshops. It was well worth the effort to attend Claudette's workshop. She was so helpful and informative. She made learning a painless process and a great deal of fun. I look forward to learning with her again in the future!!!"

Jill Marshall — Marshall Arts Design, Fairbanks, Alaska